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Lydia's Lookout

...for day one of your forever

Small           Intimate         Inspired by nature


Just when you thought magical places didn't really exist...

Come Discover
Lydia's  Lookout 

Lydia’s Lookout is a private place like no other, located high on a ridge with a breathtaking view of the Nashwaak Valley. Stunning botanical gardens capture the eye, inviting  you to stroll through wave after wave of colour. As you sit in the hydrangea garden taking in the view, bird songs invite you to slow down and breathe it all in. Nature at its very best.

In the past, weddings were almost always a huge affair both in size and in cost…  because it was just what you did. Enter Covid and huge indoor gatherings became a thing of the past. Couples were forced to reinvent the way they thought about weddings. Enter the micro wedding. It didn’t take long for couples to make the switch to a smaller, more intimate, less costly and less stressful way to say “I do” without forfeiting the specialness of the moment. Even now, after most things have returned to ‘normal’, micro weddings continue to rise in popularity as more and more couples enjoy the perks a micro wedding brings.


What Makes Us Unique?

Lydia’s Lookout... where love and nature are both in full bloom


Why a Micro Wedding?


Micro weddings are extremely economical, offering the opportunity to redirect funds toward a knock-out honeymoon, or any other investment in your life together.


Choosing just a few guests allows more meaningful contact with the people most important to you as you celebrate the beginning of your forever. After all, you chose them for a reason.


Planning a micro wedding is not complex and stress is not part of the plan. This means you can focus all your attention on the moment instead of on the performance. Just like that, your moment becomes rich with meaning.

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Small                    Intimate              Inspired by nature

Untitled design (8)_edited.png

What's Included

Intimate wedding or celebration

package for up to 15 people, including:



10 - 15 guests


  • 2 hours venue time

  • 1 hour planning time

  • Styled Ceremony Venue

  • Officiant*

  • Photographer*

  • Celebratory Bubbly

  • Outdoor music playlist of your choice

* If you have your own photographer or officiant, just let us know.


  • Cake                  $300

  • Bouquet            $200

  • Portrait            $800


*An original wedding portrait by MaggieC may be available, depending on reserved bookings. Each year we reserve 6 spots for portraiture in charcoal, pastel or watercolour.


To view the artist’s work, please visit


Timeless Love Stories

...a venue as magical as your love


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